The Vanderburgh County Health Department’s Vector Control Division works primarily to prevent the spread of disease through vector organisms such as mosquitoes and ticks. A vector is any organism that carries and is able to transmit a pathogen. Control and prevention of both vector and nuisance pests is managed through the following means.

        • Surveillance
        • Public Education
        • Larvicide Application
        • Habitat Elimination
        • Use of Gravid Traps
        • Biological Control
        • Repellents
        • Application of Some Pesticides

For residential-centric businesses, i.e. apartments and hotels, and the tenants they accommodate, we work as arbiters by providing science based information to help resolve any pest related issues that may arise.

When applying pesticides, the Vanderburgh County Health Department follows the recommendations and guide-lines set by the Center for Disease Control’s protocol.

For more information about mosquitoes, and mosquito borne illnesses, visit these websites: