Evansville in Motion – 2nd Edition (2010)
A compilation of map routes for walkers and runners, including 23 new or updated maps.

The Evansville In Motion booklet was developed after three nurses from the Vanderburgh County Health Department, Carol Anderson, Sherry Hurt and Louise Kiesler, attended a chronic disease conference.  As nurses working in Chronic Disease, they were quite aware that merely advising their clients to exercise or walk was not enough.  Providing them a resource on how to get started with safety tips and measured maps would be much more helpful.  A collaboration grew between the Chronic Disease Nurses and Christina Kempf, a Health Educator with the Health Department to develop a walking map.  Locations were decided upon, measured and made into easy-to-read maps.  Inspirational quotes and walking tips were researched and added to the bottom of each map in addition to other informational pages.  The completion of the walking booklet took over 1 year.

The Evansville In Motion booklet has received much positive feedback from members of our community as well as from other counties.  The idea was presented at the Indiana Public Health Association conference and at the Indiana Obesity Summit in 2005 for other counties to develop their own resource.  The map can be used to walk your favorite areas or to explore new ones.  Some walkers have set goals to walk all of the maps within a certain period of time.  No matter how you use Evansville In Motion, we hope you enjoy it!

On this web page we are happy to provide the Evansville In Motion booklet in portable document format (pdf).

Evansville In Motion 2nd Edition (.pdf)