The following are the only types of Food Permits that can be issued:

Restaurant/Tavern/Bar or Caterer/Commissary Kitchens.  Permanent facility.
RESTAURANT 2017 application

Grocery/Bakery/Food Mart/Convenient Store.  Permanent facility.
GROCERY 2017 application

Mobile Food Unit.  Travels from site to site selling food from a vehicle or cart and that must return to a commissary, restaurant, of licensed food establishment to be serviced, cleaned, storage of food, and restocking after each days use.
MOBILE 2017 application

Temporary Food Facility.  Operates for a period of no more than fourteen (14) days in conjunction with a single event or celebration.  No temporary food facility may be licensed or operated except in conjunction with a transitory special event.  These temporary facilities must comply with all state and local Permit requirements.  Examples of Temporary Food Events:

      • Festivals, Carnivals, Church and School Events.
      • Circuses, Rodeos, Street Fairs and Restaurant Food Shows.
      • Youth Sporting events, and Holiday Celebrations.

TEMPORARY 2017 application

Vending Machines for Perishable Food.  Requires refrigeration and beverages dispensed in cups.  All prepackaged non-perishable foods are exempt from permit.
VENDING OPERATORS 2017 application

Snow cone, shaved ice, other seasonal food operations, and farmer’s markets.
SEASONAL 2017 application