What do I need to apply for a septic permit and how long does it take?

See the Septic System Permit Application Packet.


What are minimum requirements?

Each State and local Ordinance requires certain minimum criteria to be satisfied prior to a permit being written or an onsite sewage disposal system being installed. This information is conveyed in writing to the owner/applicant as part of the permitting process. The system type, size and location criteria is provided in a format relative to the number of bedrooms in the home. See Vanderburgh County Ordinance.


How do I request an onsite evaluation/soil boring and how long does it take? Is there a cost involved?

Onsite evaluations must be solicited from a Certified Soil Scientist. We can provide a list of those working in our area for your convenience. Fees and times are at their discretion.


How do I call in septic inspections?

Please call our office to set up the septic inspection allowing 24 hours’ notice (812)435-2400 Option 3.


Is there a diagram of my existing septic on file at VCHD?

Call our office with the address and we will check to see if we have a diagram on file (812)435-2400 Option 3.


My septic system is failing. How do I find out if city water and sewer is available/accessible for my property?

Call the Evansville Water and Sewer Department at (812)436-7846.


If there is no record of my septic diagram, how would I find the location of my system?

You may contact a septic installer/contractor to help you locate your system.


Are well permits required?

Currently Vanderburgh County does not have a Well Ordinance.


If I have a septic permit and would like to change septic installers, what do I do?

Contact the Environmental Health Division and advise us of any changes you are proposing to make.


I have received the results from my onsite evaluation/soil boring. What do I do now?

See the Septic Application Packet and submit the application to our office.


How do I report a suspected unlawful installation of an onsite sewage disposal system?

Contact our office with the following information: name and address of location, name of contractor/person installing system, materials being used, pictures to document installation and any other information you may have (license plate – DOT number of equipment). Call (812)435-2400 Option 3 or email health@vanderburghcounty.in.gov.


How much is an onsite sewage system disposal permit?

$80.00.  We accept cash, check, or credit card (a $3.95 fee is charged for credit card transactions.)


How long is a septic permit good for?

1 year