The Vanderburgh County Department of Health is pleased to offer the smoking cessation program for pregnant women “Baby & Me – Tobacco Free”.

BABY & ME™ Tobacco Free seeks to address the high prevalence of smoking among young women during pregnancy. By providing counseling support and resources to pregnant women, it is our goal that they will quit smoking and maintain smoking cessation throughout the prenatal period and beyond to postpartum. Our program is successful in helping women quit smoking for good, resulting in improved birth outcomes and long-term positive outcomes for women, children, and their families.

Pregnant women that meet the criteria for the program are referred by their physician, obstetric/prenatal clinic, or other entity. The Vanderburgh County Health Department arranges for the woman’s first appointment with a specialized counselor, known as a facilitator, who is trained by the BABY & ME™ Tobacco Free Program. At the first appointment, the woman receives information about the program and an initial intake session is held. Each participant receives at least four prenatal cessation-counseling sessions, support, and carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring, usually during a regular prenatal visit. Diaper bags and incentives are given to encourage women to come back for appointments. Diaper vouchers are given as early as prenatal session

After the birth of the baby, the mother returns monthly to continue CO monitoring and, if proven to be smoke-free, receives a $25 monthly voucher for diapers for up to 6-12 months postpartum. The mother may use her voucher for any brand or size of diapers at a local Walmart store.